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What statements are true about the American tradition of Thanksgiving?

Answer:  All statements are true and can be found in the International Relocation Center.

To Americans this answer is obvious. But what about your assignees that have recently come to the United States? Is this tradition so easily understood by them? That is why Living Abroad is a must-have for your company.

Business Hours

Holiday closings
The major holidays celebrated in the United States are Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there are many other holidays celebrated throughout the country, due in part to the many nationalities that compose it.

The fourth Thursday of the month of November is when Thanksgiving is observed. That day, and the following Friday, are holidays for school children and most offices.

Many businesses, though far from all, close on federal holidays.

Local Cuisine

Holiday fare
The two winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are typically celebrated with a stuffed turkey or ham although there are many other choices, often determined by the family's ethnic background.

The traditional American feast of stuffed turkey would be accompanied by potatoes, yams, a variety of vegetables and cranberry sauce, followed by pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving

Holidays & Festivals

The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving, a holiday for school children and most offices that typically includes the Friday as well. In addition to the feast and family visiting, the following day marks the unofficial start of the winter holiday shopping season

Source:  Living Abroad’s USA Report: Excepts from "Local Cuisine/Holiday fare," Holidays and Festivals," and "Business Hours/Holiday closings."

Written by Michael Cadden, SGMS-T, VP International Operations

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