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Match the pet guideline with the country:

The Answers: 

  1. Bora Bora (4) Pit bulls not permitted. 
  2. Cambodia (3) Microchip required. 
  3. Colombia (2) Pets traveling separately must clear customs by 1600. 
  4. Israel (1) No pets under 3 months old.

Pet ownership has exploded during the pandemic. And with companies now once again moving forward with relocations, these dogs and cats are moving, too. Taking your pets across international borders is complex, to say the least.  

Here are excerpts from the International Relocation Center on this subject. You don’t need to know all the pet relocation guidelines, because we get you to the information you need. 

Bora Bora / Get Ready to Go/ Taking my pet 

Pets arriving from rabies free countries must conform to the following rules: All types of "Pit Bull" dogs (e.g. Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Mastiff and Tosa) are prohibited. Always ask your air carrier if they will transport your breed (e.g., Air France will not transport the above breeds). Rottweiler's may now be imported if they are contained in a rigid plastic container conforming to Air France standards. 

Cambodia /Get Ready to Go/ Taking my pet 

Pets entering Cambodia must be microchipped, and have a valid health certificate that includes a rabies vaccination. At present there are no pet quarantine requirements. Consult a Cambodian consulate before departure for the most current information on pet importing requirements. 

Colombia/ Get Ready to Go/ Taking my pet 

Transport: It is advisable that your pet travels on the same flight as you to clear customs immediately. If your pet must arrive separately, be sure that the flight arrives before 1600; otherwise, customs cannot be cleared until the next business day. The airport does not have adequate facilities for the care of pets. 

Israel/Get Ready to Go/ Taking my pet 

Import requirements for Israel: For current, detailed import requirements from your country, contact the Israeli Embassy or Consulate, or the airline on which your pet will travel to Israel. Dogs and cats under three months old are not admitted into Israel, and parakeets of any age are not admitted. 

Written by Michael Cadden, SGMS-T, VP International Operations

Business Traveler London

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