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What statement is not true about taxis in Malta?

Answer: C - 15-20% tip is customary.


Taxi drivers do not expect tips since they calculate their service charge into their fares. Instead of using the meters, they prefer to negotiate a fare with the passenger. Be sure to agree on a price before getting in the car.

When not included on the bill, a 10- to 15-percent tip is expected. If a hotel attendant helps park your car, give them some change as a small tip. Baggage porters will also appreciate a small tip per bag. Maids should get a few euros a week.

In addition to the value-added tax (VAT), your bill may also show a 10-percent tip. If it is not included in the bill, tipping 10 percent is customary. If in doubt about what the bill includes, ask.

Source:  Living Abroad’s Malta Report: Social Customs/Tipping

Written by Michael Cadden, SGMS-T, VP International Operations

Business Traveler London

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