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Answer:  All are true.


Taxis are plentiful in Bulgaria and can be hailed on the street or hired by phone. For security purposes, it is best to call ahead to arrange for a taxi; industry regulations are murky, and you may encounter unlicensed, disreputable taxi drivers looking for fares on the street.

Uber and Lyft do not operate in Bulgaria.

Excerpted from Living Abroad’s Bulgaria report/Get around/Taxis


Apps and ride share

Ride-share services are in operation around China's major cities.

Excerpted from Living Abroad’s China report/Get around/Taxis


Uber operates to nearby islands Zagreb, Rijeka, and along the coast around Split. The service pairs passengers with available cars, with secure credit card payment within the app.

UberBOAT launched in 2017, offering private boat transfers between coastal cities like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, and to nearby islands.

Excerpted from Living Abroad’s Croatia report (coming soon!)/Get around/Taxis


Uber operates in Dublin, but only by connecting passengers with taxis, rather than to a private car. Nationwide, ride sharing is deemed too disruptive to the local taxi industry.

Excerpted from Living Abroad’s Ireland report/Get around/Taxis

Written by Michael Cadden, SGMS-T, VP International Operations

Business Traveler London

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